A stunning new neighbourhood by CountryBuilt

Abuja Park View Estate is located in Kukwaba – a district in Abuja. It is a unique neighbourhood in that a lot of the land is reserved for special use purposes. The area plays host to a number of prominent landmarks in the city.

Abuja Park View Estate is at the heart of Abuja living and opens up a world of choice.

Residential developments account for a majority of the built forms in the establishment. Other facilities include recreational spaces, communal facilities, and commercial outlets

Both Interior and exterior spaces in the design of this estate consist of a simple layout, having taken into careful consideration, factors such as different age groups amongst the users (residents, visitors and patrons), accessibility concerns, vehicular and pedestrian movement.


All housing units are located along the 4 connecting roads within the project site. There are walkways on both sides of each road with ramps at intervals

Each housing unit has been alloted 3-5 parking spaces (with the exception of the block f apartments which have 2 parking spaces per unit as well as provisions for lawns, planting of shrubs, flower bushes and trees with sparse foliage.

Being a gated estate, fences are charateristically low in height, more specifically 1.2m – 1.5m, allowing for more extensive sight lines and visual appreciation.

The proposed establishment comprises four (4) residential building typologies – Detached, Semi-Detached, Block of Apartments and Terraced housing.


The above are zoned together, along with an open park accessible to all residents. The creche and the park act in some way, as buffer between the residencies and the other structures which are often characterized by higher noise and activity levels.

Provided are swings, paths for walking and bicycle riding, open space for group exercise, picnics, parties, shaded seating areas.

Spaces have been provided for essential facilities such as grocery store, clinic/pharmacy, hair salon, laundromat, rooftop sit-out/lounge, eatery and lettable/leasable spaces for other commercial purposes.

A centrally-placed area for vehicular parking has been provided to serve the park, creche, mosque and shopping centre.